Short Form

Short Form

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Short Form

    R, Western, Action, French

    After several years in the wild, a trapper accepts a Sheriff's job in a small town. Meeting is scheduled at the Saloon with the Mayor of the city to close the deal. But the current Sheriff himself shows up and doesn't intend to give up his place. There are days when th...


  • Hors Saison

    An off season film shoot in a seaside resort. Everyone has gone away for the weekend, apart from Coline. She likes men, partying and all that glitters. Jesse, her dog, is always by her side, on cinema sets for work, and by the sea for fun.

  • Prince Jordan

    Last winter, storm Liliane blew away the district of “Les Lagunes” and with it, Prince Jordan, 15 years old. He was Linda’s love and the natural leader of a bunch of kids from the corner. Sent to boarding school after the tragedy, Linda returns to find that the small community is disintegrating. ...

  • The Long Drive

    The major chunk of the drama unfolds within the duration of the drive itself, and the viewer is introduced to the reasons behind the trouble between them, but also the possibility of hope and perhaps even a chance of finding their way back to each other.

  • Simply Love

    Based on a true incident. A ruthless murderer and robber found his life turned into a simple and normal human being full of compassion when he came in contact with a wise man who gave him nothing but a hug with unconditional Love.