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Popular on dindin TV
  • Getting Fat in a Healthy Way


    15+, Fantasy, Comedy, Bulgarian

    In a dystopian post-communist world, Constantine and his father Atanas share a small flat in a run-down apartment block. A tragic accident has disturbed gravity on Earth beyond repair, so everyone weighing less than 120 kilos flies up into space. With only 60kg bo...

  • Captain Hagen's Bread and Breakfast


    Unrated, D (Suggestive Dialogue)

    A comedy about four couples spending a wild weekend at an unusual Bed & Breakfast run by a German boat captain and his strange family. The eccentric Captain becomes an unexpected sage as he helps - in his own quirky way - each couple sort out their problems.


  • What Do Men Want S1:E1

    This series is about 2 struggling actors, Jimmy and Bob, who happen to be best friends and flatmates. Whilst trying to “make it” in the acting industry they also desperately want to find love, however, they often look in the wrong places. They become players, date the wrong women for the wrong re...

  • The Legacy


    R, Western, Action, French

    After several years in the wild, a trapper accepts a Sheriff's job in a small town. Meeting scheduled at the Saloon with the Mayor of the city to close the deal. But the current Sheriff himself shows up and doesn't intend to give up his place. There are days when the l...

  • Belle Ville


    Unrated, Thriller, Drama, Korean

    Sun-haw is a Chinese-Korean woman who works illegally in a Korean hostel in Paris. She expects her twin sister, who has just got a tourist visa, to come in France and replace her on her job. Sun-haw has planned everything; with her sister’s passport, she will fin...

  • Trouble Is My Business


    Unrated, Crime, Film Noir, English

    Trouble Is My Business follows Roland Drake, a 1940s Private Investigator trying to untangle a mystery that's only landing him in deeper trouble, in an adventure that ticks all the classic boxes -- seductive femme fatales, corrupt cops, a weary PI, and troubles...

  • Treasure


    PG, English

    Popular party girl Erica gets a dose of reality when she's forced to do community service at a soup kitchen where new friends have her wondering what is the meaning of life, and where can she find it?

    John Hardy
    Ansley Gordon
    Matt Mercurio
    Shanise Jordan
    Rebeca Blair
    Thomas No...

  • American Comic


    Unrated, English

    8 diverse Washington metropolitan comedians take the stage for this stand up comedy movie.

  • Lilith


    R, Horror, Dutch

    A vampire wants to live in a city that doesn't want her.

    Wim Willaert
    Pascal Maetens
    Peggy Lee Cooper
    Sebastien Dewaele
    Inge van Bruystegem
    Renée Vervaet

    Maxim Stollenwerk

  • Shooting Star


    Unrated, Drama, Family, Bulgarian

    Lilly is a divorced mother of two - Martin, who has recently come of age, and the little Alexandra (5). One cold winter evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighborhood they become a part of a tragic accident that hardly ...

  • JUNE 19


    R, Drama, French

    Obsessed with the memory of her love affair with Alfred de Musset, George Sand can not write anymore. She will have to turn the page and finish her novel.

    Anaïs Telenne

  • Living Room Coffin


    17+, D (Suggestive Dialogue), English

    Iris, a 9-1-1 operator, receives an empty coffin in the mail and goes on a mission to find out the sender. In this dark comedy, the suspects include the owner of a haunted house, a funeral parlor worker, and even her on-and-off boyfriend, Seth.


  • The Fisherman


    Unrated, Drama, Spanish

    A humble Cuban fisherman is having a harsh winter at the open sea. For the sake of his family and against all odds, he needs to capture a fish tonight.

    Ana Alpizar

  • Merveilleuse


    R, Drama, French

    As she breaks up with her boyfriend, Thara looks back on the reasons why their relationship came to an end.

  • Primrose Lane


    15+, Horror, English

    Inspired by actual paranormal activity that took place in a filming location home. The decision to enter an unlocked home triggers an irreversible chain of events for Robin and Chris, catapulting them into an alternate reality where they are not as alone as they think.

  • One Morning A Bunny


    D (Suggestive Dialogue), Comedy, French

    It's D-day for the twins Nelly and Kelly! After months of practice, they are ready to participate in the dance contest at the local nightclub. But all their plans are converted into hilarious dramatic events. A film of family, drama and laughter.