• Yellow


    Unrated, Animation, Fantasy

    The short film is built on the animation game, visual associations, the magic of classical music and symbolism of colors: yellow as pleasure and violet as sorrow. It is a story of an opera singer who is scared of everything yellow, sunny and spontaneous and separates ...

  • Untravel


    Unrated, Animation, English

    She lives in a gray, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamt of leaving for a perfect world called “Abroad”.

    Masha Mileusnic

    Ana Nedeljkovic
    Nikola Majdak Jr.

  • The Eye of Silence


    R, S (Sexual Content), Mystery, Thriller, Chinese (Mandarin)

    Amélie and Coco, two young Beijing women, are searching for the ideal husband. They are attending one of the hottest parties of the year when Coco is accidentally killed during an erotic game. Amélie is the only witness, because she hi...

  • Lilith


    R, Horror, Dutch

    A vampire wants to live in a city that doesn't want her.

    Wim Willaert
    Pascal Maetens
    Peggy Lee Cooper
    Sebastien Dewaele
    Inge van Bruystegem
    Renée Vervaet

    Maxim Stollenwerk

  • Getting Fat in a Healthy Way


    15+, Fantasy, Comedy, Bulgarian

    In a dystopian post-communist world, Constantine and his father Atanas share a small flat in a run-down apartment block. A tragic accident has disturbed gravity on Earth beyond repair, so everyone weighing less than 120 kilos flies up into space. With only 60kg bo...

  • Prince Jordan

    Last winter, storm Liliane blew away the district of “Les Lagunes” and with it, Prince Jordan, 15 years old. He was Linda’s love and the natural leader of a bunch of kids from the corner. Sent to boarding school after the tragedy, Linda returns to find that the small community is disintegrating. ...