• Survive or Die


    Unrated, Drama, Action, English

    A young refugee girl escaping civil war wrongly lands in a remote uninhabited part of Australia. She must reach civilization whilst fighting starvation, harsh terrain and a hunter who hunts her in vengeance for the death of his son.

    Felino Dolloso
    Hawa Barn...

  • Sabu



    Unrated, Drama, Malayalam/English

    Sabu is a heart wrenching story of brothers and friendships.

    Kiran Kothakuzhakal
    Bluinse Thomas
    Sarath Kochuparambil
    Sylvia Kailath
    Simmy Kailath
    Philipp Schimanko
    Tania Ab
    Prasad Mukalel
    Jörg Stelling
    Birgit C. Krammer

    Simmy Kailath

  • Tunnelrat


    Unrated, War Film, Drama, English

    Two enemy soldiers get locked up in a tunnel below the World War I front. Sharing the same fate, they need each other to survive.

    Stefan Sattler
    Matthias Schoenaerts
    Roman Knizka
    Thomas Janssens
    John Flanders
    Jef Ravelingen
    Peter Connelly
    Jan Reyntjens

  • JUNE 19


    R, Drama, French

    Obsessed with the memory of her love affair with Alfred de Musset, George Sand can not write anymore. She will have to turn the page and finish her novel.

    Anaïs Telenne

  • Kati Kati


    Unrated, Drama, English

    Without recollection of her death, young Kaleche has to come to terms with the afterlife by remembering what she left behind. Kati Kati was selected as the Kenyan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards (OSCARS).

    Mbhiti Masya

  • Shooting Star


    Unrated, Drama, Family, Bulgarian

    Lilly is a divorced mother of two - Martin, who has recently come of age, and the little Alexandra (5). One cold winter evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighborhood they become a part of a tragic accident that hardly ...



    Unrated, Drama, Dutch

    August is a carefree boy who likes to discover the world and to play outside with his best friend Lize. One day, he encounters the seamy side of life and suddenly Lize doesn't want to see him anymore.

    Inge van Bruystegem
    Jeroen Perceval
    Mo Bakker
    Aagje Claes
    Mil Sina...

  • The Legacy


    R, Western, Action, French

    After several years in the wild, a trapper accepts a Sheriff's job in a small town. Meeting scheduled at the Saloon with the Mayor of the city to close the deal. But the current Sheriff himself shows up and doesn't intend to give up his place. There are days when the l...

  • Non Disclosure


    D (Suggestive Dialogue), Drama, English

    In a world where women are in power, Ben, a naive aspiring producer must decide whether to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or give up his career after getting sexually assaulted by his boss.

    Tiffany Kontoyiannis

  • Red Light


    Unrated, Drama, Comedy, Bulgarian

    In a small Bulgarian village, the traffic light is stuck on red. A bus driver refuses to move forward until it turns green. But the passengers are in a hurry.

    Kristina Grozeva
    Tzvetan Daskalov
    Plamena Getova
    Nikolay Varbanov

    Toma Waszarow

  • The Last Light


    Thriller, Spanish

    Izabella, a young girl finds a boy tied up in an abandoned house on her family’s land as the local farmers are frantically searching for her cousin Katy, who has gone missing.

    Angelita Mendoza

  • Belle Ville


    Unrated, Thriller, Drama, Korean

    Sun-haw is a Chinese-Korean woman who works illegally in a Korean hostel in Paris. She expects her twin sister, who has just got a tourist visa, to come in France and replace her on her job. Sun-haw has planned everything; with her sister’s passport, she will fin...

  • Hors Saison


    R, Drama, French

    An off season film shoot in a seaside resort. Everyone has gone away for the weekend, apart from Coline. She likes men, partying and all that glitters. Jesse, her dog, is always by her side, on cinema sets for work, and by the sea for fun.

    Stella Di Tocco

  • One Morning A Bunny


    D (Suggestive Dialogue), Comedy, French

    It's D-day for the twins Nelly and Kelly! After months of practice, they are ready to participate in the dance contest at the local nightclub. But all their plans are converted into hilarious dramatic events. A film of family, drama and laughter.


  • The Fisherman


    Unrated, Drama, Spanish

    A humble Cuban fisherman is having a harsh winter at the open sea. For the sake of his family and against all odds, he needs to capture a fish tonight.

    Ana Alpizar

  • Merveilleuse


    R, Drama, French

    As she breaks up with her boyfriend, Thara looks back on the reasons why their relationship came to an end.

  • Treasure


    PG, English

    Popular party girl Erica gets a dose of reality when she's forced to do community service at a soup kitchen where new friends have her wondering what is the meaning of life, and where can she find it?

    John Hardy
    Ansley Gordon
    Matt Mercurio
    Shanise Jordan
    Rebeca Blair
    Thomas No...

  • The Last Light

    Izabella, a young girl finds a boy tied up in an abandoned house on her family’s land as the local farmers are frantically searching for her cousin Katy, who has gone missing.

  • Goodbye L.A.

    As the day goes by in the city of Los Angeles, Tom, John and Mary are going to experience at their own expense the true meaning of loss.

  • Prince Jordan

    Last winter, storm Liliane blew away the district of “Les Lagunes” and with it, Prince Jordan, 15 years old. He was Linda’s love and the natural leader of a bunch of kids from the corner. Sent to boarding school after the tragedy, Linda returns to find that the small community is disintegrating. ...

  • Perfect Girl

    1 season

    Since high school, Stan and Jenny have had crushes on each other. They wrote letters to one another over school holidays but in person they barely spoke; sharing only the occasional lingering glance and smile. Over the years they fantasized about how perfect they would be as lovers. Ten years lat...

  • The Long Drive

    The major chunk of the drama unfolds within the duration of the drive itself, and the viewer is introduced to the reasons behind the trouble between them, but also the possibility of hope and perhaps even a chance of finding their way back to each other.

  • Simply Love

    Based on a true incident. A ruthless murderer and robber found his life turned into a simple and normal human being full of compassion when he came in contact with a wise man who gave him nothing but a hug with unconditional Love.