• Captain Hagen's Bread and Breakfast


    Unrated, D (Suggestive Dialogue), S (Sexual Content), English

    A comedy about four couples spending a wild weekend at an unusual Bed & Breakfast run by a German boat captain and his strange family. The eccentric Captain becomes an unexpected sage as he helps - in his own quirky way - each couple ...

  • American Comic


    Unrated, English

    8 diverse Washington metropolitan comedians take the stage for this stand up comedy movie.

  • What Do Men Want

    1 season

    This series is about 2 struggling actors, Jimmy and Bob, who happen to be best friends and flatmates. Whilst trying to “make it” in the acting industry they also desperately want to find love, however, they often look in the wrong places. They become players, date the wrong women for the wrong re...

  • Living Room Coffin


    17+, D (Suggestive Dialogue), English

    Iris, a 9-1-1 operator, receives an empty coffin in the mail and goes on a mission to find out the sender. In this dark comedy, the suspects include the owner of a haunted house, a funeral parlor worker, and even her on-and-off boyfriend, Seth.

  • The Coffin Salesman


    Unrated, Comedy, English

    The Coffin Salesman is dark comedy about a coffin salesman who has a hard time as sales have dipped drastically because people have started eating healthy and living longer. He has to keep his family together while also taking care of his special needs child. The Coffin ...

  • Getting Fat in a Healthy Way


    15+, Fantasy, Comedy, Bulgarian

    In a dystopian post-communist world, Constantine and his father Atanas share a small flat in a run-down apartment block. A tragic accident has disturbed gravity on Earth beyond repair, so everyone weighing less than 120 kilos flies up into space. With only 60kg bo...

  • Perfect Girl

    1 season

    Since high school, Stan and Jenny have had crushes on each other. They wrote letters to one another over school holidays but in person they barely spoke; sharing only the occasional lingering glance and smile. Over the years they fantasized about how perfect they would be as lovers. Ten years lat...

  • One Morning A Bunny


    D (Suggestive Dialogue), Comedy, French

    It's D-day for the twins Nelly and Kelly! After months of practice, they are ready to participate in the dance contest at the local nightclub. But all their plans are converted into hilarious dramatic events. A film of family, drama and laughter.


  • Red Light


    Unrated, Drama, Comedy, Bulgarian

    In a small Bulgarian village, the traffic light is stuck on red. A bus driver refuses to move forward until it turns green. But the passengers are in a hurry.

    Kristina Grozeva
    Tzvetan Daskalov
    Plamena Getova
    Nikolay Varbanov

    Toma Waszarow

  • Mister French Taste

    1 season

    Mister French Taste is an etiquette coach with the challenge of a lifetime; transform the unruly Leon, the only son of a conservative Hong Kong family and a constant source of scandals and shame into a perfectly groomed gentleman while at the same time, trying to steal the heart of Lily, the beau...